Invasivory: Eat them to extirpation!

We have sort of a superpower, if you will. If the history of mankind’s interaction with nature has taught us anything, it is that we are really good at killing things. We kill things we think are cute, we kill things we hate. We kill things we don’t even know exist!  Kill enough of the same kind of thing, and you get a species extirpation, or local extinction.

We especially like killing things that are yummy. So why not harness this impressive superpower for the good of global biodiversity? Eat an invasive! Some of them are delicious. And while that may also be true of the dodo and the giant tortoise, we can even feel righteous in our delight of the succulent, destructive, lionfish.

Lucky for us, the good folks at are collecting recipes and educating the famished about delectable invasives. Maybe you’ll see a recipe from me up there soon…

2 thoughts on “Invasivory: Eat them to extirpation!

  1. Doing research for my novel I discovered, via you, that the kudzu is mostly edible and I discovered from website research that it can also be used medicinally. Interesting for sure…I think cities and states could pay for kudzu removal by kudzu removal. Unfortunately because this country likes to think in the short term, financially…

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