Poll: How’s my driving?

So I’m thinking about getting feedback on my writing (and shamelessly promoting this blog) by entering some really cool science blogging contests, such as over at 3 Quarks Daily or Open Labs 2013. Check them out and nominate your favorite author/post! (The writers that win these things are quite accomplished and impactful – I’m just looking for some good learning experience.)

But what should I enter? Tell me what post you think was written the best. In the poll, I included the posts that seem to get the most views, but feel free to write in something else. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Poll: How’s my driving?

  1. Please don’t feel like you have to go back and read everything before you vote! Just tell me which post, of the ones you’ve read, I should try to make other people read!

  2. blue on black. horrible. everything else is great! except you dance around conclusions and lead people on (about how you hate invasives or monocultures) without anything concrete. ie why they’re sooooo bad.

    • Point taken! I would point you to the posts about agave, apples, and bananas at least to address monoculture. But you’re right, I haven’t laid these the problems with monoculture or invasions clearly and succinctly yet. Consider it officially on the ‘to do’ list!

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