New time, same place

Following an awesome workshop on Science and Social Media at ESA run by Sandra Chung and Jacquelyn Gill, I am inspired to move my regular blogging day to Mondays (also, I may be behind…). So look for the new post then! And, if you are interested in how social media can benefit your science, check out the slides from that great workshop. Discussion and collaboration are the grease that enables the wheels of science to turn! And I finally figured out what that “.” is suppose to be at the front of some tweets…

3 thoughts on “New time, same place

  1. My understanding is that Twitter interprets weets that start with a username (“@blahblah You’re the bestest”) as a reply directed at the particular user, and so posts this only to users which follow both people involved. People get around this, and have their replies posted to all their followers feeds, by starting with some other character, often “.” (“.@blahblah You’re still the bestest”).

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