What knobbled this pine?

I’ve been on the road these last two weeks. And I have seen many things.

Possibly one of the weirdest being the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson, Wyoming. This bar clearly has no problem attracting the tourists, with such quaint and “authentic” conceits as saddles instead of bar stools. But what struck me the most was their choice of wood for decor.

Interior from the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, Jackson, WY.

This bar is the most flamboyant, but not definitely not the only example in the area of decor using what is called it “knobbled pine.” To me, it looks like some sort of cancer. An unhelpful plaque describing the wood says “Knobbled Pine: This unique wood formation came from western Wyoming forests. It is caused by a growth stimulus of individual wood cells in young twigs. Research is being continued to determine the exact cause of the growth disturbances.” So… cancer?

Anybody have an idea what the story behind this wood is?


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