You wish you had germination this good!

Here’s a rough graph of germination rate from field collected seed of the invasive weed I work on, Centaurea diffusa (seen here). Each point represents a different maternal plant from 57 different populations, with native individuals in red and invasive individuals in black. I have collections that were up to 8 years old when I ran this trial, and no decrease in germination rate! That’s just silly! I’m sure it doesn’t hurt with the being invasive and all.

2 thoughts on “You wish you had germination this good!

  1. there’s quite a bit of variation though! some mums are at 0%… I wonder how it would compare to something that’s non-invasive?

    • Indeed. And I have no idea. And this was also germination in the lab, with seeds stored at ambient humidity and temperature. How that compares to seed bank persistence in a realistic setting, is not something I can hope to address with this data.

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