Nuts and Bolts: Squishing columns together to get rid of NAs in R


Zipper picture from Wikimedia Commons, by Rabensteiner – Bearbeitet von Rainer Z

I found my self in a bit of a quandry. I had a data frame which contained many columns that needed to be squished together – each contained a few values, but mostly NAs, and none of the values were overlapping. They represented the same variable, but broken apart across several columns. I needed to condense several columns into one.

Having extracted climate data from a whole mess of geoTIFFs, I was left with a data table that looked something like this:

> head(clim)
      alt_07.tif alt_11.tif alt_12.tif alt_15.tif alt_16.tif alt_17.tif bio1_07.tif bio1_11.tif bio1_12.tif bio1_15.tif
CA001         NA         NA         NA         NA         61         NA          NA          NA          NA          NA
CA008         NA         24         NA         NA         NA         NA          NA         100          NA          NA
CA009         NA         NA       1308         NA         NA         NA          NA          NA          39          NA
CA010         NA         NA        599         NA         NA         NA          NA          NA          73          NA
US014         NA         NA        935         NA         NA         NA          NA          NA          57          NA
BG001         NA         NA         NA         NA          1         NA          NA          NA          NA          NA

Each row is a location, and each column is a file that I pulled data from. All the columns that have the same characters before the “_” represent the same variable, here “alt” is altitude and “bio1” is annual mean temperature. The number after the “_” indicates which part of the globe or which tile it came from.


WorldClim tile map

So, with the help of Andrew MacDonald, @polesasunder, I came up with some functions to squish the columns representing the same climate variable together. Phew! I will need to do this again for sure, but perhaps it would also be useful in other situations?

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