Students of Ethnobotany: Pondering a Project for Ponderosa Pine

This edition of Students of Ethnobotany is brought to you by Randip G., who is  handy with power tools.

Set on using Ponderosa Pine for a project in my Plants and Peoples Biology course at UBC, I had a spectrum of directions to take the assignment in. The assignment involved both the completion of a report on the history and uses of a plant species, and the creation of a product we’d create from the plant ourselves. My desire was to transform the raw material into a modern practical product, but first I looked to the past for inspiration. Oregon_Ponderosa_Pine

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Students of Ethnobotany: Where does paper come from?

This enthusiastic and detailed edition of Students of Ethnobotany was contributed by paper-themed rabble-rouser, So Young Chang.

Where does paper come from?


Figure 1. Think paper comes from trees?

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